10 Smartest Startups At SF MusicTech

686045982 In addition to the fantastic panels that graced yesterday's SF MusicTech Summit, the event draws in some of the most forward thinking and innovative professionals in the music and technology space from all over the world.

This summit was no exception. Here's a look at some of the standout attendees who smartly reached out to Hypebot to share their stories and a little bit about what they're working on: 

Jeff Fedor – Music WithMe

  • What: Mobile music app for social discovery 
  • Why we should care: “Music WithMe is the easiest way to find out what you’re friends, and what people all over the world are listening to. You can also wirelessly sync your iTunes library to your Android phone via WiFi or mobile connection.” 
  • Website: http://WithMe.com
  • Twitter: @musicwithmeap

Madalyn Sklar – GoGirlsMusic.com

  • What: Organization/Community 
  • Why we should care: “GoGirlsMusic is the oldest and largest community of women in music. Our mission is to promote, support, and empower independent women in music!”
  • Website: http://gogirlsmusic.com
  • Twitter: @GoGirlsMusic 

Nakia Booth – Beyond Oblivion

  • What: Digital music marketplace that enables social distribution of pay wall free music between licensed devices.
  • Why we should care: “We’re a disruptive music service in the cloud that licenses music form majors and independents by charging a one-time licensing fee that grants you access to the largest library in the world.”
  • Website: http://BeyondOblivion.com
  • Twitter: @BeyondOblivion

Bas Grasmayer – Official.fm

  • What: DIY platform for music creators & content owners
  • Why we should care: “There are a lot of fragmented services out there, and we’re trying to bring it all together in a unique and single-serving platform. We’ve recently raised $8 million to develop the platform… we’re also hiring!”
  • Website: http://Blog.Official.fm
  • Twitter: @OfficialFM

Adam Wexler – GoRankem

  • What: New API that breaks down artist’s catalogues based on the opinions of their own fans  
  • Why we should care: “We strive to be the ‘cliff notes’ of music discovery. We offer cheat sheets for catalogues and act as a Wikipedia-like resource that continues to improve as more and more users contribute.”
  • Website: http://GoRankem.com
  • Twitter: @TheWordPainter

Dave Champine – Local Music Vibe

  • What: Website that enables artists and venues to promote their shows directly to nearby fans.
  • Why we should care: “These are the shows out there that no one else covers, most sites cover only the top 10% – we cover the long-tail. We’re location-specific so we show what’s relevant to you; what’s showing near you right now. Users can search for particular artists or venues.”
  • Website: http://LocalMusicVibe.com
  • Twitter: @LocalMusicVibe

Brendan Moore Receptive Music

  • What: Digital marketing firm for the music industry
  • Why we should care: “We make the web work for artists by integrating marketing campaigns with web and social development.”
  • Website: http://ReceptiveMusic.com
  • Twitter: @WebMusicGuy

 Fuad Hawit – vAds

  • What: Global application advertising platform with sophisticated dynamic targeting.
  • Why we should care: “We’re more effective than banner ads and can run in parallel and also preserve the full-screen real estate for the App and the user. We also integrate real-time advanced reporting to track and provide up-to-date ad reports with minimal or no effect on App behavior, personality, or flow. Ad deliveries are strategically timed for optimum results with a 2,000% improvement on network bandwidth requirement.”
  • Website: http://myvAds.com
  • Twitter: @Fuad_Hawit

Abe Batshon Beat Kings

  • What: Digital producer marketplace
  • Why we should care: “Aspiring artists from any genre can seamlessly discover the hit record they are looking for. Music supervisors and A&R's from major entertainment companies use our platform as a tool to also discover music for their projects.”
  • Website: http://BeatKings.com
  • Twitter: @BeatKings

Ivan Dwyer Maravil

  • What: Creative technology and services provider
  • Why we should care: “We collaborate with you on a personal level to build a comprehensive mobile strategy to empower your image, engage your loyal fan base, and drive new revenue.”
  • Website: http://Maravil.com
  • Twitter: @fortyfivan

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  1. Thanks Hypebot! Was great meeting you. We’re also flattered to be a part of this group.
    By the way, a small heads up… The links in the post are not working.
    Hope to see you soon at other music events!

  2. Hey Hisham, great meeting you! I appreciate the shout out. Great article. Lots of cool people at the conference. I’ll be checking out everyone you posted here.
    And quick FYI, the link to GoGirlsMusic.com is not working. It’s http://gogirlsmusic.com. Thanks!

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