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Is this the best or the worst time for independent musicians?

Competition On Music Think Tank, Rich Gordon poses an interesting question – Is this the best or the worst time for independent musicians? With the ever growing DIY movement, musicians are finding that they can record and release their music without big companies. If enough people like their music, then artists are able to become successful. However, more opportunity leads to increasing competition to be heard.

“I can’t help but wonder if this is a double-edged sword? As more and more people make the most of the opportunities right now, do we all ultimately begin to suffer due to the increased competition?” (Read On)

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  1. Competion is good. It keeps musicians on their toes, keeps them humble, and weeds out the ones that are doing something easy for “fame” or money. Cause in the end it’s the ones that love what they do and are willing to suffer for their art that come out on top.

  2. To get noticed, bands have to think in terms of positioning and branding themselves as music artists rather than focusing on the music alone. A site that I’m starting to see a buzz on, is The site is run by music fans, where they vote on the popularity of the artists. Bands and artists are required to submit what TW calls a “personal video” in addition to their music. It’s the personal videos that really help the artist connect to their fans.

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