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Mark Cuban Has Big Plans For Music On HDNET

image from Outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner and serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban has big plans for music on his HDNET network.  "Traditionally music hasn’t worked on television but now that sets are high def, big screens, stereo sound, 5.1 or better sound, we decided on HDNET all Sunday was going to be nothing but music," Cuban said recently. "So all day long we just program all different types of concerts. From Beyonce…to the North Texas State choral group, classical, as many different genres as we can."

"We’re always going to be looking for things, at prime time draw the biggest audience, but then we package smaller groups around different types of music," he continued. "Where I think it’s going, what we’re working on, is making it live…One of the things that separates sports from everything else is it’s live. A live concert, by the time a director gets a hold of a video and turns a concert into a package, it goes in 1000 different directions. Nothing replaces live.."

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