Official MySpace App Helps Bands Post To Facebook

image from www.google.com In what is either too little too late or a complete admission of defeat, MySpace has just launched the Myspace Music Artist App so artists can move their Myspace Music profile including music, videos, etc to a “Music” tab on their Facebook Fan page along with their current MySpace design. The problem for MySpace is that most musicians stopped making more than occassional updates of their profile there months ago; and tech savvy artists are using one of the more robust 3rd party apps.

Those who still want to try it can go to their Myspace Music artist profile and access the application via the “My Stuff” menu on Myspace. More detials here.

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  1. Haha, too little too late!! Yup. I saw that thing, it’s just a giant link back to MySpace. No thanks!!!!!!!!! Moving on…

  2. Two years ago I spoke to an engineer for Electric Ladyland Studios who told me that record execs and personel still held Myspace with much weight which got me to keep updating and using the site. At that point Myspace was already losing steam and since has taken even more of a dive. I tried to go back, but since they updated their system it’s even WORSE now. Is SO non-user friendly and awkward on the senses. I’m personally just finished with it. An app for facebook? RootMusic has already got that taken care of Myspace!
    Free album download at http://www.facebook.com/chancius

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