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Rdio & The Echo Nest Partner To Encourage Music App Development

image from Music intelligence platform The Echo Nest has partnered with on-demand streaming music service Rdio to open a catalog of 8t million licensed songs and data to app developrs. To showcase the partnership, they've released Music Maze, a steerable music streaming service that traces similarities between millions of artists. 

Integration Rdio and The Echo Nest allows app developers to build mobile and web applications with access to licensed music and then to categorize, filter, analyze and manipulate the music discovery and lsitening experience. When a non-Rdio subscriber uses the apps, they get to hear 30-second clips.

Unique to this partnership, app developers can also receive revenue via Rdio’s LinkShare affiliate program which pays 2-3% of subscription fees or 7% of each a la carte song purchase.

he Echo Nest completed partnership with 7Digital last Fall.

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  1. I think Rdio is making the right moves. Yesterday I saw Rdio for the first time in the wild, outside of my friend circle (and more importantly, outside of the industry circle).

  2. The music maze is a cool idea, but the tree is a bit faulty, at least on the R&B side. They should really consult an expert on that side of the game.

  3. I think Rdio are making some really good decisions with a really solid model. They (or something like it) are the future of what the digital music business looks like.

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