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The Music Intern: Five Tips for Success

Internships (UPDATED) For those hoping to break into the music industry, the place to start is an internship. Landing one is like getting access to an exclusive club, but interns need to know that some assigned activities may not be glamorous. On Music Think Tank, Aubrey Burton posted 5 tips for intern success:

“With the present state of the music industry, the chances of landing that entry-level, dream job in the music business is even more difficult than it may have been ten or even five years ago.” (Read On)

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  1. Jobs are getting tight in many fields and relief is not going to appear for a long time. Most competitive to find worthwhile work.

  2. Music is so important in my life. Learning how to sing changed my attitude for the better. Music goes with everything. Don’t have music in your life… get started today.

  3. As a young trainee many moons ago I was asked to some very pointless and mundane tasks it was six months before I even sat at a mixing desk (tape to tape in those days) however it was a good grounding and went on to have a great career. Its tough these days but it was equally as difficult in the 80’s as there were far less studios out there to apply too. To get on these days its yes, yes and yes.

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