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ConcertsInYourHome Brings Artists & Fans Together For House Concerts

image from www.google.com A number of sites for artists to book shows were suggested to me after recently discussing DIYgigs.com. I wrote briefly about four of them but decided to save one, ConcertsInYourHome, for a separate post. The concept of intimate concerts in home settings is one that has interested me for awhile and I was glad to find out about Fran Snyder's site as well as related projects now drawn together by the ListeningRoomNetwork, DinnerAndSong and PeachGigs.

The core of the growing ListeningRoomNetwork is ConcertsInYourHome which basically creates a market for artists who want to perform house concerts and hosts of such concerts by bringing them together via a web service. Founder Fran Snyder's own experience as a performer informs this service.

ConcertsInYourHome focuses on the house concert experience which is basically about bringing together a group of people in one's home who care about listening to live music and are as interested as the artist in having a personal experience that is meaningful in ways that are difficult to find at local clubs. This focus led to two related projects that help expand the house concert concept to further benefit both artists and audiences.

DinnerAndSong is a midweek event focused on a smaller group and designed to fill in those empty spaces in a touring schedule. Such events offer hosts who prefer smaller gatherings a chance to participate and give musicians a great opportunity while on tour.

PeachGigs brings the concept of engaged audiences who came to listen back to non-residential settings. And ListeningRoomNetwork appears designed to bring them all together though that still seems to be a work-in-progress and the proliferation of sites feels a bit confusing.

To get involved in this opportunity, artists join and pay $249 annually though that's currently discounted to $199 as a 5 year anniversary special. Obviously it's up to the individual act as to whether this price point works but for a solo artist or small combo into serious touring this could be a real lifesaver.

While the introduction of DinnerAndSong and PeachGigs make a lot of sense, the core concept of facilitating house concerts is a strong one. It offers opportunities to have a great experience on both sides and combines the immediacy of a specific gig with the longterm marketing benefits of building community.

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