Music + Fashion Startup 1band 1brand Holds A Party

image from 1band 1brand is already an interesting experiment in creating a marketing platform promoting one musical act and one fashion brand at a time. I recently included them in a post about musical daily deals, though they've actually been focused on weekly offers, and said nice things. Now they're stepping their efforts up a notch with a special event at that gathers together multiple artists and brands and with summer bookings that expand the concept beyond the web.

1band 1brand is off to a solid start with its weekly band/brand combo. Now they're making a very timely move with a special event at today, June 30th, at 4 pm EST.  They'll drop the invite code on their Twitter account at that time.  I'm not sure how long they've had this in the works but given's recent growth, excessive blog love and the interest of both myself and Bruce, it's great timing for such a move.

Kyle York, a member of the 1band 1brand founding team, filled me in on some of the details of the event, which is a really smart use of their social dj'ing rooms for marketing. The event will include trivia contests and giveaways as well as a number of djs:

  • Bands: Eastern Conference Champions and Kopecky Family Band spinning.
  • Brands: TIKKR Watches and another surprise brand coming to spin as well.
  • Open Mic: Open spot for fans to jump in and join the artists.
  • Giveaways: Ever, Krochet Kids, Tortoise & Blonde and Bed Stu.
  • Including: Shirts, Hats, Belts, Sunglasses, Watches.

I like the fact that they're bringing together multiple acts and brands which expands things while still focusing on people and products marketed through 1band 1brand. It also moves them beyond their website into bigger web territory. Not only that but they're making moves offline and will be booking bands for live shows at relevant locations this summer.

In addition, they're continuing work on their website that should strengthen the effectiveness of their basic offering.

This should help set off a wave of such events in and definitely gives 1band 1brand a good look as they step up their game.

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