CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers Releases Book: “Anything You Want”

image from www.google.com Friend of independent music and CD Baby founder Derek Sivers released his first book today, Anything You Want – 40 Lessons In Being An Entrepeneur on Seth Godin's new Amazon imprint Domino. Anything You Want is a compilation of lessons Sivers learned as a self-taught businessman. I devoured it in a single 90 minute sitting, and now consider it a must read for anyone starting or running a business, including every musician who cares about their future.  I'll be writing more about Anything You Want in the coming days and interviewing Derek. Until then, here's how Derek describes his book:

"It's 40 short stories, sharing what I learned during starting, building, and selling CD Baby.

Not an autobiography, it's really my top-40 tips for anyone starting or running a company.

Most of the lessons are counter-intuitive, learned from experience, and go against the usual business-book advice. If you know my blog, you'll recognize some of the stories, but now in context."

Buy: Anything You Want (Amazon affiliate links)

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  1. Got the audio book and listened to it this morning!!! A MUST READ!! Thank you Derek for sharing your story!
    Thank you also to HypeBot for doing such a great job in spreading the news!!


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