Live & Touring – Should This Site Be Saved?

image from I recently came across and thought it was a great idea. Basically it's a free site that allows people to list venues with contact information, update the posted info and rate the venues from the band's perspective. Something I've been thinking about but these guys actually created it. Then I realized that the listings were kind of thin and, after searching for reviews of the site itself, discovered that it had launched in 2009.

Given that the site has a nice look and is easy to use and that I can't find anything else I can say that about, I'm wondering if this is a project that folks should get behind and help move to another level. was launched in 2009 by the lads at The New Rockstar Philosophy. Here's the basic concept as presented in the text below the YouTube intro from December '09:

"The whole idea is for bands and venues to share their contacts so everyone can benefit."

  • Bands can book a tour easier if they know the right contacts and the best places to play.
  • Venues can monitor the feedback other artists and people have of the venue. They can thus improve based on the feedback.
  • It doesn't cost anything to have access to.

Since I like the concept and wondered what happened, I wrote the guys at The New Rockstar Philosophy and heard back from Voyno. He basically told me that they had launched the site hoping it would take off on its own. Since it hasn't and since they've been pressed for money and time, given their other projects, they haven't been able to give it the additional attention it needs.  But they's still like to see the service move forward.

Of course, the basic problem is their lack of time to put into since it already exists in a quite usable form.  Most such sites don't suddenly take off on their own. They require a lot of support and attention. It's easy to think otherwise, given the success stories of services that just exploded right away, but you've got to put in the time to make crowdsourced projects work. As Sarah Lacy recently pointed out, your model in such endeavors should be Linkedin's Reid Hoffman, not Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

That said, I'm curious to know if Hypebot readers think such a service is needed. Are bands doing ok with the resources they have? Is the emergence of Bandsurfing about to make the question moot? Are there other services doing a decent job that are building exactly what bands need to find suitable venues?

Please share your thoughts as to whether or not is what the indie industry needs.

Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. Flux Research is his business writing hub and All World Dance: World Dance News is his primary web project.

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  1. My biggest concern in using a site like that seems to be the rule of “thou shalt not burn any bridges.” Venues are hard enough to find in my area and if we lost access because of honest critiquing, we would lose out.

  2. The challenge with this site (and most all others) is the lack of focus. Trying to satisfy all types of venues, bands, and fans really limits the impact you can have, and the feeling of community.
    At, we’ve built a community around the kind of music you can play in a living room (acoustic, singer-songwriter, small ensemble without drums) and in venues that can feel like a living room, for fans willing to behave like their in someone’s living room. That’s our sweet spot, and the reason we’ve been helpful and successful for 5 years.
    Does anyone feel a sense of community from SonicBids or ReverbNation? How is DIYgigs any different?

  3. I was already using, which has a huge venue list and many more users already, when was launched. I had hoped maybe they would have a different set of venues so I could add it as another resource for booking, but I’ve also noticed it never really took off.
    @fran: Sometimes, just a resource from one musician to another is good too.

  4. I’ve used the site when it first launched and the info was up to date. It provide some solid info for me to build routings etc… on. However there isn’t enough upkeep or “checks and balance” to the site.
    I also head this idea and came across it as well when it first launched… excellent in concept, not so great in exicution

  5. Hey Clyde, thanks for writing.
    We’re totally down for putting more time/money into this if people think it will be useful. Comments so far are mixed or promos for other sites, so if you have any suggestions or feel it could be awesome if some TLC was given, shoot us an email at

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