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How To Use To Interact With Fans & Promote Your Band

image from, which grew to 140,000 active users in in first month, may have cracked the social music code – it's enjoyable as both a passive and active music experience. Enter a themed room controlled by 1-5 live DJ's and just listen (at work, for example) as they take turns picking tunes or add your own.  There are opportunities to vote, chat and interact. Imagine how it can be used to interact with fans and promote music:

  • Invite fans to listen to an artist spin their favorite music either with other band members filling the dj seats or alongside select fans.
  • Reward fans in each tour city by naming them dj's in an "Official Band X Party" before or after each show.  A band member could stop by for a few minutes and participate in a chat.
  • Learn about your fans by asking them to spin their own favorite bands – other than yours.
  • Artists could "drop in" announced or unannounced to an existing room of related music and get involved.

What creative ways could you use

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  1. Best possible way to showcase songs in a virtual environment. If it attracts people, I bet it will work. I already subscribed to, but can’t find a way to get an invitation…
    I hope soon it’ll open to the general public.

  2. Ever since I received Bob Lefsetz blog about I’ve been on there everyday. I manage a hard rock band with a new EP due out in late Summer. Our intentions are to hold an online listening party on just 1-2 weeks prior to the actual release.

  3. At first I thought that this was going to be an excellent resource for holding listening parties for a new album. What I didn’t think of is the fact that Internet fair use rules apply at That means that you can’t play more than two songs in a row by the same artist, or three in a one hour period. That would definitely remove the possibility of playing an entire album.

  4. Nate we are members of Bob’s blog as well and have tried numerous times to get an invite to TurntableFM, we went onto the site it says go through FB of which we choose not to use. Will you tell us what we are not getting?

  5. Here is one I just discovered. If you add a URL to the artists ID3 tag (including http:// ) it will be clickable in the chat when the song comes up for play.

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