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One Easy Way To Sell And Share Music On Facebook

Facebook Facebook is a great way for people to share photos and videos, but how do you use the site to share and sell music? On Music Think Tank, Bob Baker discovered a way to do this without installing anything. Read on for Bob’s information on this Facebook music promotion option and video tutorial.

“But, you have to take time to install them. And the music-playing and selling features are mostly limited to a single tab of your fan page and don’t show up on your “wall.””

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  1. I’m holding my breath for deep Spotify integration. Imagine a play button or link to a lightbox with an embedded Spotify player or something next to every user influence…

  2. Bandcamp needs to make a facebook tab, or an application, or at least integrate with an existing application like rootsmusic. This is one major problem them have. Love bandcamp, but can’t use it in facebook, and sell music there, without having to leave facebook to purchase. BANDCAMP COMMMOOOOON!

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