Paste Magazine Launches mPlayer Sister Site

image from mplayer.pastemagazine.com It's still a bit of a work in progress, but Paste Magazine has launched a sister site, The Paste mPlayer. This specially designed web magazine experience will add apps for both iOS and Android devices later this year. PasteMagazine.com continues to be the home of Paste news, reviews, blogs, photo galleries and video. Highlights of the new Paste mPlayer:

  • The Paste Sampler is back with 7 songs each week.
  • Exclusive Content: mPlayer content is exclusive to the mPlayer and isn’t repeated on PasteMagazine.com except Reviews, which appear in both places.
  • The Paste mPlayer is free for 9 weekly issues during our Beta Preview.
  • In September of 2011, each weekly issue of the mPlayer will sell for 99 cents per issue or $36 for a yearly (48-issue) subscription.
  • Check it out here.
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