SoundCloud Adds Tumblr Integration

image from www.google.com SoundCloud just added easy integration with popular micro-blogging platform Tumblr. SoundCloud claims more than four million sound creators and Tumblr hosts nearly 20 million blogs.


SoundCloud users can now record on-the-fly and share it to their Tumblr blog using SoundCloud’s mobile and desktop apps or directly from the browser. Possible applications for music marketers could include impromptu mini-interviews, live music and conversations with fans.

Tumblr users wanting to create an audio post can now search, preview and post sound directly from SoundCloud, without needing to leave the page. This new feature also give bloggers instant access to their own SoundCloud account, as well as, to any sounds made available for sharing by other others.

New features that available from today are:

  • Capture and share to Tumblr – SoundCloud mobile apps now let you capture audio on-the-fly and share recordings directly to Tumblr.
  • Auto-publish new sounds and favorites – in your advanced SoundCloud settings, you can now choose to automatically push new uploads and favorites to your Tumblr blog.
  • Search SoundCloud on Tumblr – when creating an audio post, you can search, preview and post audio from SoundCloud on Tumblr.
  • Easy sharing – Grab the url and post it as an external source on Tumblr Audio posts.

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