SoundCloud Partners With MusicXray

image from www.google.com Soundcloud has partnered partnered music opportunity site MusicXray. Two new Music Xray apps have been added to the SoundCloud App Gallery.  Both apps enable SoundCloud users to have songs matched opportunities like song placements on Music Xray without having to import their music. Music Xray users can also link their accounts to SoundCloud and have their music automatically ported over to SoundCloud.

Music Xray
averages about 1200 music industry professionals actively using the site to find new songs and talent for major and indie labels, music supervisors, radio stations, blogs, publishers and TV shows on major and cable networks

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  1. Not a fan of MusicXray. When I first heard about them a few months back I was excited that there was another place to go for music opportunities, but almost every time I went to their free section I was instructed that I would still have to pay some kind of charge. This upset me because it felt like they were trying to sucker me their users in with the old bait and switch routine. Every time I went back the same thing would happen. Not a good way to start off.
    Free album download at http://www.facebook.com/chancius

  2. Chancius, you mean like giving a free download to fans so they hear your music and then pay for a t-shirt or concert ticket or gasp… a different album??? You bait and switcher you.

  3. “Music Xray averages about 1200 music industry professionals actively using the site…”
    Is that per day, per week, per year?

  4. Some music pros are very active while others are not as active. This depends on what opportunities they have to offer and how many they are managing. And some might lie dormant if they do not have any opportunities to post and then when they do have something to offer artists they will become more engaged again. We also have music pros on the site who offer artist development, career coaching and other opportunities to help musicians “get better” in case they are not getting deals. Not everyone realizes that aspect of Music Xray which we consider to be important as well. To answer your question more directly, this is not so much as a per day, per week or per year type number. It is based on the number of registered and approved music pros who all have various levels of activity.

  5. Sorry but that is a terrible answer.
    So, what you are saying is that have 1200 registered industry members who have ever used the site. Some of which hardly use the site at all and others that do.
    Why not say that!
    Seeing as A&R get paid to give feedback, I am surprised you don’t have thousands all wanting to make money from giving ‘feedback’.
    Also, have you ‘Partnered’ with SoundCloud or simply using their free APIs!

  6. I use Audio Rokit and would recommend it to anyone.
    They charge less than a tenner a month and you never pay a penny more to submit to ALL their listings.
    Works out so much cheaper than musicxray and in my mind is a better overall service with industry folk that actually want new music. I am sick of paying someone to tell me my song ‘has great energy’ .. yeah yeah.

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