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Start Your Web DJ/Talk Radio Career With MixCloud

Mixcloud-logo London-based Mixcloud recently released an iPhone app for their service which resulted in a fresh wave of visibility for this popular service. Dubbed the "YouTube of radio" in late 2009 when they emerged from beta, Mixcloud has a lot of style and a clear focus on providing a platform for radio shows with lots of music and a growing selection of talk radio shows.

Mixcloud has a lovely site, but mobile options are definitely in order. So it's good to see an iPhone app is now available. Currently the app is free as is the service as a whole which is ad-supported on the site and via spots on radio shows. All power to them if they can pull off providing solid service and paying royalties off advertising.

Mixcloud for iPhone from Mixcloud

Mixcloud is designed to be platform agnostic, as any good web service should be, and whole shows are uploaded as mp3 files rather than being assembled on the site. You also have to create track lists for royalty purposes so this isn't the best service for cowboys but shouldn't be that hard to operate for folks committed to creating great radio shows.

Since shows can be embedded, Mixcloud should be a useful service for those who wish to market their music by creating a show focused on their own work or for those who wish to create communities of listeners and build their own music movements.

They're also promoting a lot of shows and facilitating opportunities for visibility via their blog and Twitter account. While I tend to focus on marketing music, Mixcloud seems like it would be a great place to get a start as a web dj and to build a public profile. And if you're wanting to get into talk radio, Mixcloud has some heavy hitters in such categories as Politics and Education, so you'd be in good company. Just what Jello Biafra needed back in the day!

Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. Flux Research is his business writing hub and All World Dance: World Dance News is his primary web project.

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