AM News Brief: Apple Soars, Bug Music For Sale, Google+ App, Guerilla Union + HOB, EMI, VEVO, More

HypebotFavicon Apple posts record quarter on sales yesterday of 20 million iPhones, 9 million iPads (ars) Today Apple released the Mac Lion OS X, unveiled a new MacBook Air and updated its Mac Mini models. (CNet) Take a look at how little music means to their bottom line on this Apple Revenue Chart.

  • Indie music publisher Bug is for sale with bids in the $330 – $430 million range due next week. (Bloomberg)
  • Google+ iPhone App Surfaces in iTunes (NY Times) Get involved in Google+ now. An estimated 18 million users have signed up since the July 6th launch.


  • Guerrilla Union is partnering with Live Nation's House Of Blues for its hip hop festivals and tours including Rock The Bells, Paid Dues, Spring Gathering and Smokeout.
  • First round bids for EMI are due in early August. 
  • Interview with Vevo’s Rio Caraeff: “Music is one of the few things that can engage billions” (Midemblog)
  • Rdio has an iPad app on the way. (Mashable)
  • Bandcamp adds a robust shopping cart. (Bandcamp)
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