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Approaching Music Journalists

Hat with Press tag DIY artists have the challenging task of marketing themselves. You have to present yourself well to marketing outlets like blogs, podcasts, online music communities, music websites, and magazines. On Music Think Tank, Rick Goetz has posted a guest article from Julia L. Rogers with advice on how to approach music journalists.

"…if you’re serious about making music your career, you do have to approach the media thoughtfully and professionally and think like a business owner whenever you’re presenting yourself and your music.” (Read On)

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  1. The same should probably count for music bloggers, too, not just journalists.

  2. I understand the need to approach journalists, music bloggers included. But I have found more and more that its the normal catch 22 of a musician, you want X but you can’t get it without X first!
    Maybe, a more effective start would be trading reviews with local bands. Oddly simple, but I imagine a worth-while endeavor.

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