ArtistData Founder Launches Musician Site Creator Onesheet.com

image from a3.twimg.com ArtistData founder Brenden Mulligan today launched Onesheet.com. Still in beta, the free site allows musicians to connect their existing social networks and services to create a basic but graphically interesting website including music, videos, photos, concert dates, social streams, mailing list signups and online stores.

Details & A Onesheet Video Tour:

Onesheet pulls info from sites that many musicians are already using including ArtistData, Bandcamp, BandsInTown, Bandzoogle, Facebook, FanBridge, NextBigSound, Posterous, ReverbNation, Songkick, Sonicbids, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, and YouTube. CD Baby, Instagram, iTunes, Moontoast, Nimbit, Rdio, and Topspin will be added in the coming weeks.

Basics Onesheet sites are free and will remain so, promises Mulligan. "A premium paid service will add additional features and customization," he told Hypebot in a pre-launch interview. "Mobile optimization is another feature we may charge for. What kind of artists use Onesheet and how they use it, will drive what we do next."

Users can reserve their custom OneSheet url now here, and will be brought onto the system in the coming days, according to Mulligan.

A Onesheet Video Tour:

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  1. Thanks Bruce! I’ll be letting people in consistently throughout the next couple days. Can’t wait to see the Onesheets that Hypebot readers create! Ping me on twitter with questions!

  2. Great service. Should display more statistics like song plays, FB Likes, Twitter followers, YouTube plays. These stats are what artist use to separate themselves from the pack of other artists. If a tastemaker still has to seek this information, having all the services aggregated is less effective.

  3. This is a super cool product for entry level artists who doesn’t yet have a website.
    Ideally Onesheet.com also has:
    -Video feeds so performances can be seen as well as heard which many venue booking managers require.
    -Analytics to measure who is visiting your page
    -SEO features???
    Which may be features in the “premium” service?
    Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Hello Bruce.. do you think Onesheet would be applicable for DJ’s also? I will send this info to one of my friends in a band. I am sure he would be able to use this for his promotions on facebook too.

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