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7 Tips For Success From DJ Wooooo

Dj-wooooo Now that has taken off, confirming my initial positive take, it's also given folks a chance to start testing possible approaches to interaction and self-promotion. One dj who has risen to the top of the relevant charts, DJ Wooooo, recently shared his take on how to be a superstar.

Ben Popper at Betabeat spoke with DJ Wooooo, who is said to be the "most appreciated" and "most popular" dj on Wooooo shared a few idiosyncratic tips for success on this increasingly popular social listening platform:

    1. Sticking to the genre is key
    2. But the crowd is very fickle
    3. They want new and different, but not TOO different
    4. Mood in the room can shift quickly
    5. So don’t "set and forget" your DJ queue
    6. People want to be in the most packed room
    7. So try and be famous, like DJ Wooooo

      DJ Wooooo also states that his emphasis, "as far as song selection goes, it’s a delicate mix of popular songs and experimental tracks." However, he shares this additional bit of advice:

      "If you're just yanking songs from Hype Machine without figuring out how they fit the vibe, you'll get called out. Just because some website says they like a song doesn’t mean the Turntable crowd will."

      So now you can "try and be famous, like DJ Wooooo"!

      Also at Betabeat:

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