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MTV’s 5 Tips For Digital Marketing To Millenials

image from MTV recently released some findings from its study of Millennial Digital Habits. Nick Shore shares some tips for marketers that suggest underlying principles worth considering with other demographic slices as well. The short take is the need to keep up with the current communication habits of one's target market and tailor efforts accordingly. Shore's brief report shows that for MTV, research is a continuous process of paying close attention to their digital marketing efforts. Here are 5 tips:

"Does your brand follow the rules of digital etiquette?"

  • Millenials are particularly concerned with responding too quickly. Avoid oversharing and appearing overly eager in one's use of social media.

"Can my brand proxy for my audience?"

  • This is kind of an odd way to introduce the concept of posting content that expresses one's shared values with one's fanbase.

"Does your brand curate its online identity, like a millennial?"

  • Interesting point. The idea is that Millenials are constantly updating their profiles and related content so you should as well.

"How intense is your brand's feedback loop?"

  • Giving Millenial fans feedback is important. They like that. Communication is not just about listening but also about responding.

"To tweet or to Tumble, that is the question…"

  • Millenials have their own relationship to forms of communication, for example, preferring texting over email. Matching one's message to the appropriate form is always required.

Many of these pointers boil down to finding out what one's target market prefers and adapting oneself accordingly. However, the concept of presenting moderated content, such as blog posts, as proxies for one's values is quite nice. It might also support the sometimes awkward nature of musician's more direct statements about social issues and be usable across demographic slices.

The idea of adapting how one presents one's identity to one's target market is also worth noting. While that's an extension of previous approaches into the digital realm, it's a reminder that social media allows the artist to respond as well as to broadcast.

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