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Share Your Tour Stories With Intersect

Intersect Intersect is yet another social network with some interesting distinctions that make it worth considering for documenting a tour or special musical event. You create entries which are marked by date and place. Entries can include one video and a group of photos. These entries are organized in both an individual timeline and map. Public entries are also included on combined timelines and maps which is one way entries are shared. Maps with timelines can then be embedded on other sites.

Though accounts are organized by individual, it's pretty easy to see the possibility of creating a timeline for a band that tracks significant events or a particular tour. Though Intersect may not be a must, it is an interesting option to consider for those always searching for a fresh look.

Intersect Map of Online Search for "music"

Intersect strikes me as a worthwhile documentation tool with some distant similarities to Storify plus the addition of social networking elements on the site itself. The above map and timeline shows the results of an online search for "music".

Entries on Intersect are called "stories" and feature some multimedia and links out. However, the multimedia is limited to a single video and additional photos that are displayed featuring a single graphic with a photo strip below as seen in Lara Seven Phillips piece on the Seattle Bike Music Festival. The inability to add html or other multimedia embeds make longer stories, even if illustrated, look a bit barren. That also means one cannot directly embed music from sources such as SoundCloud.

Organization or group accounts are still under development but certainly an individual could share stories of a band's adventures in time and space, including sharing stories by other band members. Though friends and fans would have to join Intersect to comment on the site, the option to embed maps on one's own webspace allows additional possibilities for interaction.

The ability to map out stories told over time is really the distinguishing aspect of Intersect that makes it a strong match for the life of a musician. Despite its media limitations, Intersect is definitely a worthwhile tool to consider for one's social media efforts.

Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. Flux Research is his business writing hub and All World Dance: World Dance News is his primary web project.