Topspin Community Forums Hacked

image from www.google.com UPDATE: Topspin executives tell Hypebot that only its Vbulletin-based community forum was hacked in what appeared to be a general attack on Vbulletin rather than on Topspin. No data was lost, but rather when the decision was made to switch to Zendesk, there wasn't a way to migrate the previous community forums. More info here. Our original post:

Popular direct to fan platform Topspin was hacked recently, according to the company's Brad Barrish, who says they had patched the software and re-launched it, only to have it go down a few days later.  Topspin's community forums were the target of the hackers and "instead of continuing to play the cat and mouse game, we made the decision to centralize the community on Zendesk," according to Barrish. Along the way, however, a great deal of data was lost.

"The bummer is that because there isn’t a way for us to migrate the previous community forums over," said Barrish. "We have to start over."  Members of the Topspin community are being asked to contribute to the new forums.

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  1. Not sure if this means the hackers were actually successful… It doesn’t say if they got in or not.

  2. Hackers : Your penises are small, and no amount of mindless hacking will change that. You’ll just have to get over it.

  3. Hi all…
    This is Bob from Topspin. Just a quick clarification here: The only thing hacked was our vBulletin forum, which is used by our users to communicate with our staff and each other. We lost some education content, but no data.
    The Topspin platform itself is completely unaffected. All fan and artist data is secure.
    Bruce, we’d appreciate it if you’d please edit the story above to make it clear the Topspin platform is NOT involved or related to the vBulletin forum in any way, and that the only loss was educational content, not data of any kind.
    It’s a drag we lost that content — there were a lot of tips and public instruction on advanced features of the platform in the forum — but we’ll make sure that content gets republished.
    Bob Moczydlowsky
    VP Product & Marketing, Topspin

  4. Just to be 100% clear, no data of any kind was lost. The only loss was that we have to restart the community. The awesome tips, tricks and knowledge for our incredible user community will be migrated over to the new community over the coming weeks and months.
    Have a great Fourth of July holiday, everyone.
    Brad Barrish
    Operations, Topspin

  5. Thanks for clearing that up, Topspin fellas.
    VERY misleading headline to be sure.

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