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Warner Music Staffer Accused Of Stealing $700,000

image from www.google.com A former NYC staffer of Warner Music conned the company out of $700,000 according to a Manhattan Criminal Court complaint. Andrew Robertson allegedly set up a fake company and billed WMG for undelivered goods between March 20, 2007 and this past July 1st.

Robertson was "in charge of ordering products . . . [and the higher-up] realized that since 2007, over . . . $700,000 was paid to a company called A.I. Robinson for products that were never provided . . . [and that] A.I. Robinson bore the same address as the defendant's employment application," according to the criminal complaint. "When confronted, defendant admitted [he] created the company, A.I. Robinson, and that [he] would buy products using [his] personal account and submit invoices for more than the amount paid for said products."

Robertson was charged with grand larceny and released after posting $10,000 bail, according to the New York Post