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Who Owns Your Facebook Fan Data? Liberate It With Open-Xchange's Contact Exporter

image from (UPDATED) As of Monday July 11th Open-Xchange's tool for transferring Facebook contacts to Google+ has had its access to Facebook revoked. Details here.

Remember all of those MySpace fans you spent months collecting that drifted away as the social network fell out of favor. It may be hard to imagine it now, but someday Facebook will probably not be the place that your fans spend online. Unfortunately for you, Mark Zuckerberg owns all of those fans. Or does he?  In the days since the announcement of the Google+ social network, several attempts have been made to export Facebook Friends to Google.  Facebook blocked at least one, but the latest, and perhaps most sophisticated, export tool was released open-source yesterday by Open-Xchange.

Their goal was to export Friends from Facebook into a GMail Address book and then re-use them inside G+ to define your "Circles.”  So Open-Xchange developed an extension for their Social OX feature that enables copying of contacts back and forth using only each service's official API´s.

"Import to your liking, in Apple iCal, Gmail/G+, Facebook, Outlook, whatever you like," according to Open Xchange. "The data is also in the newly created 'Facebook' address book for more exporting or playing pleasure...Now, go out and enjoy this new found liberation. And by all means, go forth and enjoy YOUR data."

Get started re-capturing you fan here. Do it now.