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4 Great Twitter Tools & Tips Via AllTwitter

All-twitter-logo I've recently begun following the AllTwitter blog from and I have to say, if you're into music marketing with Twitter, you should be following this blog. Here's a combination of 4 Twitter tools and tips that AllTwitter's bloggers have recently shared.

AllTwitter is an awesome resource for Twitter fiends and, despite the fact that Twitter keeps improving its service, there's a lot you can get from third parties as well including a tool that supports marketing teamwork.

cotweet is designed to allow teams to work together using the same Twitter account with some really nice management tools. Such tools include a free edition for up to six accounts that allows for managing separate projects as well as offering the ability to identity individuals by their initials when working on the same Twitter account. There's also an OnDuty feature that allows a specific individual to be the designated Twitter responder for short or long periods of time.

I've previously written about tools for timing Twitter posts but there are a whole bunch more that focus on posting to Twitter at specific times. It seems to be a crowded area and AllTwitter has shared 10 different tools for tweet scheduling in posts by Stephanie Dickinson and Lauren Dugan.

Of these 10 tools, music marketers may find taweet of special interest given its focus on event promotion. It also includes an upcoming events widget that you can post on your blog or website.

Despite Twitter's attempts to improve you may find the loss of features such as the @Mentions folder a disappointment. If so, you can get @Mentions back or even "cast a wider net to see who is really talking about you and your brand [or band!] on Twitter" with the help of AllTwitter.

Our last Twitter tip involves the Tweet button that you may have installed on your blog or website. Obviously it not only helps people share your content but it also tells you how many times such sharing has occurred. What I didn't know till now is that you can find out who Tweeted your content by clicking on the number display which will open a new window containing Twitter search results of each profile that has shared your content.

So unless you're an all-knowing Twitter fiend, you can see why I think AllTwitter is an awesome source for Twitter tools and tips!

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