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8 Low Budget DIY Music Promotion Tips From Kosha Dillz

Kosha-dillz Rapper Kosha Dillz shares some wisdom on self-promotion when you on a limited budget. It's a nice mix of specific suggestions and general principles for any DIY promoter.

Kosha Dillz' post at Audible Hype offers some great tips:

1. Social Media Campaign

"If you can learn how to develop your own identity on...[Twitter and Facebook], its almost the same...[as] hosting your own morning show."

2. Clever Song

"The song “I love Jews” made it into Spin Magazine because it was genius idea more than a great song (sampled the Delphonics la la la la i love you song)."

3. Message Boards

"Although you think that they may be obsolete, they are free zones to post music share links and start threads on what is hot and what is not."

4. College Radio

"Send links to college radio (just google it) and contact your local station via phone."

5. Be the Local Hero

"If you want to save money, build locally."

6. Favors for a Favor

"The key here is to do more favors than you receive."

7. Keep Showing Up

"I can only tell you how i showed up to reach out to a guy from Holland that later popped up at my SXSW show in 2010 and put me on tour with Snoop Dogg."

8. Be Relentless (w. boundaries)

"In terms of publicity you must also realize that any press is good press. Can you make it?"

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