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Can Indie Bands Use Lady GaGa’s Example For Originality & Controversy?

M_Id_108640_lady_gaga Nobody knows controversy like Lady Gaga. This has certainly helped make her image well-known. On Music Think Tank, James Moore writes about originality and controversy. Instead of constantly spamming fans, focus on individuality and get creative.

“Conversations get started when something is OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.” (Read On)

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  1. Since it won’t let me post on Music Think Tank…
    “Lady GaGa’s marketing team focuses on”
    I think that says it all really. It goes to show that she has multimillion dollar companies behind her, throwing money into advertising her and making sure that the “weird” dress ups she puts on have media coverage. She has a team of many different people who are constantly making sure her image is plugged into the pop media outlet.
    I’m not saying that it can’t hurt for indie musicians to be attention grabbers because ALL artists have to be interesting in some way. However, they could do the weirdest, ballsiest things in the world and because they don’t have the finances, connections, or team of people behind them to market this zaniness no one will know of it anyway.
    Seriously though, Gaga’s last album sales and album positioning were greatly trumpeted up because of rock bottom discounts on her album through Amazon. She’s not as popular or liked as her label would have you believe. I don’t think she is an artist that is going to have a lifetime career in music. When there isn’t much behind the makeup, people get tired of the “look at me, look at me, look at me” thing. I think it’s better to be true to yourself and trump up what makes you special and unique. Show off your very own personality and let it shine. If you have the music to back you, you’ll have a much more long lasting career.
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