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FREE For @Hypebot Readers: Nielsen Soundscan, NARM Webinar Today @ 4PM ET

image from (UPDATED) Nielsen Soundscan and NARM are holding a webinar today at 4PM ET and it's free for Hypebot readers. "Delving Deeper Into This Upswing – A Sales Trend Update" looks at mid-year music sales figures and makes predictions for the future. Just a little over a month after releasing positive mid-year music sales numbers, Nielsen SoundScan's David Bakula will delve deeper into those numbers, as well as pull some data from other parts of the Neilsen platform to give attendees an overview of the entertainment landscape in the United States.  FREE REGISTRATION:

  • Sign up for the free seminar here
  • Use the special Hypebot readers code: webinar-100
  • You'll need to register and go to the end of the "buying" process where you can enter the discount code.  No credit card required.



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  1. Dang! Was this recorded for replay? Dave used to work at Universal and is a true “numbers” guy. I’m sure this was extremely insightful re: where streaming / digital is headed.

  2. Hey Bruce, thanks for the plug and thanks to all that attended. NARM does a great job of setting these up and there are always great questions and interesting dialog.
    By the way, Nielsen is spelled with an E, not an O.

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