Moog Music Markets With Moogfest, Sound Lab Artist Videos & New Retail Outlet

Moog-logo Moog Music, the company founded by synthesizer legend Robert Moog, continues in his spirit with a factory in Asheville, NC. One of their more fun marketing tools is to invite musicians to their Sound Lab where they're videotaped performing with whatever Moog goodies that meet their fancy. It's one of a number of marketing moves that distinguish them from your typical instrument manufacturer.

Doris Chrysler Performs Sustain Me at Moog Music Lab

Moog Music recently relocated from the outskirts of Asheville to a spot on the edge of downtown where they've also opened up a retail outlet. Last week I dropped by and spoke with Jim DeBardi, the man most likely to be found at their store, and got his take on recent developments at Moog.

The store is a new addition to their efforts to connect with musicians and they have almost every piece of equipment currently being manufactured ready for musicians to experience. It's a nice setting and it's easy to imagine future possibilities such as in-store events but what I've been most drawn to is the Moog Sound Lab where musicians are taped performing with Moog equipment as well as anything they want to bring to the factory.

Since a lot of great artists tour through Asheville, the folks at Moog keep an eye on who's coming through town and contact them with an invite to perform. Often this means an act is willing to come by after a soundcheck and before their performance to participate and they've done a great job of convincing artists to drop in. You can check out the videos on their site or at YouTube.

In addition, Moog Music has created the Moogfest, which was held in New York in the past but is now happening in Asheville, where Robert Moog lived for the last 30 years of his rather amazing life. This year's festival takes place October 28 to 30 and Brian Eno is the special guest.

Though Moogfest may not be called a marketing event, the benefits are quite obvious for both Moog Music and, now, for Asheville. And that's a big win all around.

By the way, if you're heading to Asheville for Moogfest or coming through any other time, feel free to touch base with me via the email address below!

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