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MySpace Traffic Continues Fall

image from Just over a month ago, Specific Media bought MySpace for $35 million and announced that Justin Timberlake would play a central creative role. But Justin and the Specific team may want to speed up their turnaround efforts according to the latest data from Alexa.  MySpace pageviews dropped another 4.9% in the last 30 days continuing a 3 month decline totalling 17.73%. The chart:

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  1. Perhaps they should fix all the bugs and stop the nagging Facebook adverts?
    As a Musician, who creates content for MySpace, I get no support. I cannot send any friend requests and my emails get marked as spam. Its a social network for bands to connect with Fans!!!
    Every new release of code introduces more problems.
    I’ve just mothballed my account. They have lost the plot.

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