Onesheet Leaves Private Beta With 10,000 Users, New Features

image from www.google.com ArtistData founder Brenden Mulligan is reporting some solid first month for Onesheet, his new service that lets musicians set up a branded web presence quickly by pulling assets from other online accounts. Mulligan says that 10,000+ artists, musicians and DJs signed up in the first month. Musicians of all sizes have set up Onesheets, including artists major labels acts Paramore , Owl City, and Mat Kearney. The free service leaves private beta and is now open to all artists. New features include:

– Added support for additional services such as Beatport, CD Baby, Eventful, iTunes, Topspin, and Ustream.
– Additional customization options such as changing the colors of the navigation bar, removing social network icons, etc…
– Buy/Store links now be placed directly under the media player.
– A video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Vevo can be featured
– Onesheets can be assigned a custom domain name
– Most Onesheet branding can be removed from the web page
– All traffic data can be accessed through a user's Google Analytics account
– Like and Follow buttons can be added underneath the media player
– When a user saves a Onesheet on their mobile device or tablet, a custom icon is created

A paid premium tier is expected to roll out over the next few months, as well as continual feature enhancements.

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  1. OneSheet is a pretty great tool. We used it during the Beta program for one of our clients and get good feedback from people we sent it to. It works really real for bands who need to create a clean, presentable EPK to the press, labels, etc. Looking forward to the feature enhancements!

  2. Paramore, Owl City, and Mat Kearney – a trifecta of ‘former Christian artists’

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