Sell Music Globally On Facebook With ONErpm

Onerpm-logo ONErpm (ONE Revolution People's Music) is a digital distribution service that launched in 2010 in Brazil and is now based in New York City. They offer such services as direct-to-fan sales, distribution to multiple web outlets including iTunes and music sharing widgets. Now they've released an app that allows you to stream and sell music on Facebook.

Though I'm just getting familiar with direct-to-fan services, ONErpm strikes me as an innovative company with such features as multiple language and currency support, Creative Commons integration, music sold as a high quality wav file plus an MP3 for mobile use and backups of all music purchases. They're even offering music licensing.

Their new Facebook app is said to have a one-click install and allows you to offer music for sale or free with streaming audio to check things out. It includes the option to require a "Like" of your fan page and allows for fan comments below the music player. Links to other companies featuring the music are included so folks can buy it on other sites or even stream it from services such as Spotify. Additional updates are in the works.

Blitz the Ambassador has one and I've been enjoying the heck out of his Native Sun album while I write this.

You can also check out apps for Systema Solar, Brazilian country artists Chitãozinho & Xororó and the Delira Música record label currently featuring Marco Lobo.

I may have to unlike the Brazilian country music but I otherwise had a good experience checking out these artists via the ONErpm app!

Some of their competitors include Hypebot advertisers VibeDeck, for music sales, and Bandzoogle, which includes your own music and merch store. Please let me know what Direct-to-Fan services you're using and what you think in the comments or via email.

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  1. One thing I keep wondering is WHY DOESN’T BANDCAMP HAVE A FACEBOOK TAB!!!! I currently use bandcamp, but its very annoying that I have to sign up with a different service to get the facebook presence I need.

  2. Exactly, I asked them, hey whats the deal when are you guys going to do that. And they told me and I quote “As a matter of fact we are working on our own Facebook app right now. The timeframe is still uncertain, but you can expect it sooner rather than later” That was last month. They need to hurry up, cause their falling behind.

  3. BC has just realeased a new shopping cart (check their blog). Looks good nice and simple. Now they have that part working they will hopefully realease a FB store. Onerpm and all the others will need to follow with a similar shopping cart that works in FB ect to stay in the game.

  4. @ Shopper Hey there this is Emmanuel from ONErpm. We actually do have a shopping cart that works on Facebook. If you jump from one FB page to the next using our app and you add songs or albums to your shopping cart, your items are saved. You can test it with the links in this article. While we’re working on new features, if anyone has any suggestions on how we can improve the app or anything else on our site please email us at info@onerpm.com. Any suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks!

  5. @Emmanuel Hello, I have seen your cart on FB and various other companies efforts. I am not trying to favour any company. At the moment the new BC cart seams to be the most straight forward customer friendly model. Im sure you have already checked it out and are aware of its features 🙂 I think the companies who can implement something similar on FB ect will be the most popular with customers and artists.
    It’s good to see yourselves and others always improving. All the best and may the companies with the most user friendly systems survive 🙂

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