SliceThePie Moves Fan Funding To PledgeMusic, Integrates SoundOut Song Analytics

image from www.google.com Fan funders PledgeMusic and SliceThePie have formed a partnership that integrates SoundOut, Slicethepie’s song analytics service into PledgeMusic, who now also takes over the management of the funding process for Slicethepie’s artists.

SoundOut offers crowdsourced feedback for music and now all successful artist on the PledgeMusic platform will receive a complimentary report on one of their tracks.  SliceThePie was one of the first to offer fan funding of music projects. Fan funding has become a crowded space including KickStarter who has funded more than $13 million in music projects.

But upstart PledgeMusic touts an 82% success rate. “We are delighted to announce this multi-level partnership," Benji Rogers, Founder and CEO of PledgeMusic told Hypebot. "We are also looking forward to welcoming Slicethepie artists to the PledgeMusic platform.“

"Going forward we can concentrate on identifying the best new artists and songs leaving the management of the funding process in the capable hands of the PledgeMusic team.”

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  1. Does Pledgemusic really have an 82% success rate for their projects or am I reading it wrong?

  2. Well…they allow the artists to alter their pledge goal during the process allowing for a greater success rate.

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