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Top Tips For YouTube Music Marketing

Youtube_logo (Updated) Though making real money with music on YouTube still requires millions of views, ideally from aggregating a catalog of music, the marketing benefits can be substantial as we're all well aware. Here are 8 tips for maximizing your music marketing on YouTube taken from a dash of David Choi, a dose of the Social Media Examiner and a dollop of YouTube's Creator Playbook.

Top Tips for YouTube Music Marketing:

  • Post Compelling Videos on a Regular Basis
    Give folks something worth looking at and a reason to return.
  • Optimize Titles and Descriptions for Findability
    Important for searchers on both YouTube and search engines.
  • Create Custom Thumbnails for Your Videos
    This is your first look but try to entice without misleading.
  • Use All Analytics/Metrics, Not Just Views
    It doesn't matter how many views you have if they're only a few seconds long.
  • Interact With & Include Your Fans
    Engage your fans in the comments and create ways to include them in your videos.
  • Collaborate With Other Artists
    Working with others can extend your fanbase while leading to new ideas.
  • Create Playlists for Different Sets of Videos
    Some folks will want to see behind-the-scenes, others just want finished product.
  • Customize and Optimize Your YouTube Channel
    It's not just about individual songs or videos but about creating a following for your channel.

These tips were taken from the following sources, all of which have more to say as well as additional tips:

YouTube Music Marketing with David Choi

8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

YouTube Creator Playbook

I feel it's my duty to point out that all of these sources mention using video annotations as well but they drive me up the wall so I didn't include them in the top tips!

Please share your tips as well.

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