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Top Tips For YouTube Music Marketing

Youtube_logo (Updated) Though making real money with music on YouTube still requires millions of views, ideally from aggregating a catalog of music, the marketing benefits can be substantial as we're all well aware. Here are 8 tips for maximizing your music marketing on YouTube taken from a dash of David Choi, a dose of the Social Media Examiner and a dollop of YouTube's Creator Playbook.

Top Tips for YouTube Music Marketing:

  • Post Compelling Videos on a Regular Basis
    Give folks something worth looking at and a reason to return.
  • Optimize Titles and Descriptions for Findability
    Important for searchers on both YouTube and search engines.
  • Create Custom Thumbnails for Your Videos
    This is your first look but try to entice without misleading.
  • Use All Analytics/Metrics, Not Just Views
    It doesn't matter how many views you have if they're only a few seconds long.
  • Interact With & Include Your Fans
    Engage your fans in the comments and create ways to include them in your videos.
  • Collaborate With Other Artists
    Working with others can extend your fanbase while leading to new ideas.
  • Create Playlists for Different Sets of Videos
    Some folks will want to see behind-the-scenes, others just want finished product.
  • Customize and Optimize Your YouTube Channel
    It's not just about individual songs or videos but about creating a following for your channel.

These tips were taken from the following sources, all of which have more to say as well as additional tips:

YouTube Music Marketing with David Choi

8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

YouTube Creator Playbook

I feel it's my duty to point out that all of these sources mention using video annotations as well but they drive me up the wall so I didn't include them in the top tips!

Please share your tips as well.

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  1. Man, annotations are a great tool for YouTube! If you design them correctly, you can create a virtual video album, or you can do a “choose your own adventure” type of scenario.

  2. Unfortunately you can’t brand your channel , nor choose a custom thumbnail for your video if you’re not already a Youtube Partner, wich you can only become if you already have dozens of thousands views at least. Bit of a catch-22 , especially that having a well chosen tumbnail instead of the automatically and randomly assigned thumbnail by youtube , can really help in attracting “accidental” viewers.

  3. Brand probably wasn’t the best term since it is used specifically for things only Partners can do but I’m thinking here of doing things like using the basic customization options to make your channel look distinctive. And, more generally, to think in terms of building the channel in relationship to one’s brand instead of focusing only on videos. Should have been clearer about that.
    Didn’t realize that about the thumbnails. That is too bad.

  4. Changed Brand to Customize.
    Would have also left off the thumbnail tip if I’d realized that. Plus, it would have given me 7 tips which I would prefer over 8!

  5. Should it surprise anyone that small businesses like those referenced in this article draft off of the learning of larger businesses like organized companies? There’s nothing immoral about that at all. It’s all business, and nothing more.

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  7. The ability to monetize magnetically leads to the ability to extend globally. What do we cultivate? Anything and everything, regardless of standing! The iteration factor can be summed up in one word: value-added..good information..thanks,..

  8. My only problem with video replies is that they’re spammed so relentlessly. Though maybe it’s worse in hip hop which is where I’ve spent the most time.
    But that is a potentially great feature and definitely worth working with.

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