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Why Every Musician Should Build An App

Bloomberg-terminal Content needs to be relevant and draw people in. One major thing that people keep debating about is how to monetize content. One company has capitalized on their content by selling something that holds the content: Bloomberg. The company’s business is selling terminals that show traders information about the market. In the music industry, it’s the same way. Apple gets more revenue from selling iPods and products that play music than the music itself. On Music Think Tank, Musicians Wages posts about how musicians can follow this business model by creating apps.

“Embedding your music in another product – a mobile app, for example – is going to be the way to sell music in the future.”

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  1. People don’t buy the Bloomberg terminals because they’re so hot, in and of themselves, it’s the financial information being delivered.
    In general, it’s difficult to compare financial services to any other area including other areas of journalism.
    People are willing to pay lots of money for financial information because it enables them to make even more.

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