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YouTube Creator Playbook: “The First 15 Seconds”

Youtube_logo YouTube has released a YouTube Creator Playbook designed to help you maximize the impact of your videos. It will be periodically updated and is a rich resource for thinking through your approach to video creation and marketing.  It's also useful for growing your video channel as well as for individual videos.

The YouTube Creator Playbook is available online as a slideshow but there's also a downloadable PDF available. It's organized into sections on Programming and Producing, Publishing and Optimization and Community and Social Media. Here are some key points from the opening section on The First 15 Seconds which is built on the obvious insight that far too many ignore, attention spans are short and you've got to hook them from the beginning.

Compelling Content First, Branding and Packaging Later

Whatever's first should draw people in. That might mean focusing on the personality or content before branding or it might mean making the branding itself fun to watch.

YouTube says they've found 5 seconds to be the best length for branding which raises some serious questions about most pre-roll ads which are generally far too long and may turn people away from your video before they get to discover how truly compelling it may be!

But it also means that video makers who pack all the credits at the beginning are likely to be turning people away. This is especially odd when encountered on music videos which, in most cases, should start with the music. But I've seen that mistake often enough that it bears mentioning.

Much of the Playbook focuses on insights that are more useful for non-music videos but, since many musicians are putting out other forms of video, that material remains relevant. In addition, the Playbook shares tips on how to optimize and grow one's channel, which is key to ongoing success on YouTube.

I have to say this is a pretty cool little guide especially for folks who haven't been spending a lot of time figuring out how to optimize web content.  But I believe it would be useful for more experienced practitioners as well.

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