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It's Not To Late Too Join Hypebot's Online Networking Party. Shameless Plugs Encouraged!

3 Great Music Tech Startups We Met At Hypebot's Online Networking Party

image from For the last few days, we've been running one of our regular Hypebot online networking events. (It's not too late to get involved.) Basically it's a chance to share a plug for whatever you're working on with the Hypebot community. Share your music, your startup, new features of your established service, etc.  and meet others who might want to get involved. In reading some of the great projects posted, there were new three music tech startups that caught my eye:

  • WrapItInMusic - Launching today, this Australian based site is working to create a network of fans and music industry resources. Our favorite idea: Passionate fans volunteer to assist artists with promotion when they're touring through their region.
  • ChatWithTheBand - Lets you run listening parties and virtual meet & greets right on your Facebook page. Watch a video below to learn more.
  • Gigfunder - I've seen this site before, but just love what they are trying to do building a crowd-funded touring site, It will allow artists to post tours and fans to pledge money to bring their favorite artists to their cities.

Post what you're working on now here.

Watch the ChatWithTheBand intro video: