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955 Dreams Unveils Band of the Day iPhone App

Band-of-the-day-app Developer 955 Dreams is back and winning the hearts and minds of high level tech bloggers with another app, this time for the iPhone though it's also being made available for the iPad and can be streamed via Apple TV. Band of the Day is a pretty nifty concept in music discovery presenting a new band or musician each day with a whole lot of content, from interviews to songs to videos, including original material not available elsewhere.

Band of the Day Demo/Interview with Robert Scoble

955 Dreams is the company that created two highly praised iPad apps on the history of jazz and on the Woodstock festival.

Now they're back with the Band of the Day iPhone app and it appears to be another winner. You can get a nice look in the above video.

Just as the iPad apps came loaded with an incredible amount of content, the Band of the Day app will feature 365 bands a year and includes bios, reviews, interviews, articles, pictures, videos and music. They say it will deliver over 1500 songs a year and they signed close to 50 labels at the time of the above interview with more on the way.

You can share some of the content via Facebook, Twitter or email and get additional songs on what's called a "mixtape" of full songs. You can even vote on future bands via Twitter.

Subs are available at $.99 monthly or $9.99 a year, which seems like a great deal for a complex app that will allow you to access so much content.

Band of the Day is designed for people open to hearing a lot of different genres of music and that would cause me to hesitate given that my taste is rather quirky. But subscribers can go back through the history of bands so eventually customers should have plenty of content to enjoy.

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