Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaimen Raise $85,000 In Just 60 Hours On Kickstarter To Finance Tour

image from i831.photobucket.com (UPDATED) In just 2 and a half days, Amanda Palmer and her husband author Neil Gaimen have raised $85,000 on Kickstarter from more than $1780 backers to fund a joint U.S. tour.  That far surpasses their goal of $20,000 and the campaign has 23 more days to go.  Palmer is known for her use of both social media and crowdsourcing, often mobilizing her 500,000+ Twitter followers to shoot a video, to create and sell merch ($19K in 10 hours), or to come to an impromptu gig.

Buy-in for the Kicsktarter campaign range from $1 (a free download) to a variety of premium gifts for a $500 pledge.

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Here's their Kicktstarter pitch video:

photo above by ashleigh haddad

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  1. That’s just great!
    A while back, when I first checked out Kickstarter, people living outside the US could not start projects. Now I looked again and sadly that didn’t change. I hope they’ll be able to open for other countries soon, it’s such a nice platform!

  2. Check out RocketHub.com – They have some very cool international projects, particularly from Canada, Europe, etc.

  3. I don’t get it… Couldn’t Gaiman just finance the tour himself? Is Amanda Palmer just digging for indie cred? Are we supposed to congratulate them for being famous and being able to attract enough attention and fans to support their personal projects? I’m just dang confused…
    Free album download at http://www.facebook.com/chancius

  4. Because they are SCIENTOLOGISTS and SCIENTOLOGISTS bought the tickets.
    Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are damaged Scientologist workaholics who have been paired together to make money. Gaiman has a long history of paying Scientology six figures and Amanda Palmer’s mother is a Mockett, and the Mockett family trust is listed in Scientology organizations. The cult arranges contractual partnerships.
    Gaiman and Palmer are desperate narcissists, trying to get power from their association, but their deluded Scientology philosophy lacks any empathy or self awareness, so this article reads like a goofy overshare about an obscure band most people have never heard of.
    After failing dismally with her own attempts to make a record, Amanda Palmer is trying to resurrect her association with the dolls, who were at best, a novelty act. Whatever.
    Palmer is not just untalented and incapable of writing a descent song or hitting a note, she seems to be bipolar or mentally impaired. After a series of bizarre marketing moves that range from sexting naked pictures of herself and making racist remarks involving the KKK, she mocked the disabled with her idiotic co-joined twins project, dressing up with Webley as disabled people.
    What Gaiman is really good at is glad-handing his way into the spotlight. He seems to have no standards, jumping from comics to sprawling, badly plotted novels and short stories that read like he threw them into the back of the drawer in high school, followed by children’s books along with mutilation death **** with Palmer as the subject. Gaiman even defended Palmer’s idiotic KKK remark on Twitter.
    Gaiman and Palmer aren’t interesting, just a desperate joke.

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