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Groovejaar Turns Grooveshark Into Limewire. Then There’s Groove Shredder…

image from The RIAA and many record labels have never liked Grooveshark much even though the music streamer claims it's DMCA-compliant and responds to takedown requests. Two new open source projects – Groovejaar and Groove Shredder -  are guaranteed to make the RIAA & CO like Grooveshark even less. To be clear, Grooveshark has nothing to do with the either. But if users can now illegally download songs from a streaming site that they already think is illegal… You get the picture. DETAILS:

GrooveJaar is a Java based downloader with a full set of features that takes Grooveshark and turns it into LimeWire with super-fast downloads, high quality MP3s and no malware. Download, fire it up and users can according to their web site:

  • Search songs
  • Fetch user playlist
  • Fetch top songs
  • Fetch songs from albums
  • Retrieve useful information for every songs searched like bitrate or size..
  • Multithread
  • Cover preview and download (if present on GrooveShark)
  • Listen a song before download

Groove Shredder is a Firefox extension that downloads mp3s from Grooveshark. It was built for "for educational purposes only. After installation, a toolbar button will appear which that allows users to toggle Groove Shredder on or off. When enabled, Groove Shredder will add a download button to Grooveshark's Now playing section.

You can learn more about Groovejaar here and Groove Shredder here.

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  1. Yeah, it’s a damn shame. I don’t really give a crap what the in-dus-treeee says, Grooveshark for me is still the best business model, and Spotify’s lack of content didn’t convert me.
    But I do BUY what I HEAR on Grooveshark, and that isn’t likely to be changed by either of these add-ons.

  2. Haha. @GoonrGrrl – Grooveshark has the best business model? You mean let people post music to your site that you know is mainstream but claim DMCA, take it down when you have to, and profit from it in between? Yeah, awesome business model. I think Spotify is bad for the industry, too, but at least their limited catalog is a result of actually having the necessary licenses.

  3. This is just a rewrite of torrentfreaks article on the same subject this week.
    Even the groovejaar image in this article is hotlinked to torrentfreaks domain

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