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Do You Have To Choose Between Being An Internet Star And A Radio Star?

3605500133_ffbb3a8098 Earlier, Techdirt featured an article titled: How Payola Works Today…Or Why You Only Hear Major Label Songs On The Radio. On Music Think Tank, Matt Voyno, the co-author of The New Rockstar Philosophy book and blog, posts about how radio can ignore almost every music star the Internet has created. Of course, an exception is Justin Bieber, but there are several differences between him and other internet music stars.

“The internet is new; it’s brash, bold, and will probably kill most of the old media if it has the chance.”

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  1. Stardom is for those who believe in stardom. Music is for musicians. Justin Timberlake seems to have quit music, doesn’t he?
    Bieber is just one example where a major basically signed an artist who already had a fanbase. Josh Groban’s signing was somewhat similar. Yet back then, the majors did not know how to market him yet through the internet, whilst they are not afraid to annoy the internet readers with Bieber. Hypebot, you are preaching to the choir. The question remains if the choirboys have got the libretto first, though. 😉

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