Facebook Account Now Required For Spotify Signup, And Users Aren’t Happy

image from www.google.com A Facebook account is now required for all new users signing up for Spotify; and even though existing accounts aren't affected, many users are less than pleased. The message "“You need a Facebook account to register for Spotify. If you have an account, just log in below to register. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get one by clicking the ‘create an account’ link below,” has beed added to the Spotify signup page. Users reacted quickly:

"I absolutely love your service, and promote it all the time, but this is the stupidest move you have ever made. What were you thinking? Did Facebook push you? I cannot believe you have done this!" wrote one commenter of Spoitfy's Get Satisfaction page.

"This is a terrible move, stop sucking up to Facebook and get your iPad app done" wrote another.

The reply from Spotify customer service:

"Unfortunately you will need a Facebook account to access Spotify from now on, unless you already have an account set up.

This does not stop you creating the Facebook account adding nothing to it and making it totally private as the Facebook account does not have to be actively used."

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  1. You are entirely correct. This user is not at all happy. Even worse – for those who have existing Spotify accounts, links to the music your FB friends are playing WILL NOT OPEN in Spotify when you click them from within FB. This whole thing is an epic fail. I’ve pretty much migrated to G+ for right now, where all links to all available music services do still work. For now.

  2. Spotify customer service guy is wrong. According to Facebook terms of service you are not allowed to have more than one Facebook account, neither are you allowed (or easily able) to provide false information to create an account. This isn’t Hotmail we’re talking about. There is no option here for people who don’t want to have a Facebook account and aren’t already on Spotify. I’m only wondering how long it’ll be before they force the rest of us to link our Facebook accounts to Spotify. They have begun the hard sell, as when you log on now, they are strongly suggesting that you do so.
    The world will at some point wake up from Mark Zuckerberg’s adolescent delusion that we all want to share everything we do with everybody all the time. In the meantime, all sorts of crazy shit will continue to go on.

  3. I fucking hate Facebook and I was going to sign up to Spotify in America and now I won’t.
    Awful move Spotify. Really just a terrible move.

  4. You also need a Spotify account to listen to your friends’ tracks on FB. I’ll continue sharing thru Soundcloud where you don’t need an account to listen & share.

  5. I’ll admit that I’ve never had enough interest in “gaming” Google to go to the desperate measure of this kind of cloaking… but obviously people are out there and doing it

  6. I tried to pay for premium and it was not even believed that I can be having money in my account. You are asked to signup using your facebook accountand the two fail to link up so easily. I suffered for this all day long killing my day for nothing.
    What a hell and what a shame. I didnt know there are some businesses done in a stingy way like tis in this world.

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