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FREE Beta Invites: Serendip.me "The smartest music integration to Twitter that I’ve seen."

image from t0.gstatic.com It's FREE MUSIC TECH BETA INVITE WEEK on Hypebot with 1-3 startups sharing beta invites each day.  First up is Serendip. This web app "offers the smartest music integration to Twitter that I’ve seen," Nancy Messieh rote on TheNextWeb. "While other services make it easy to share music with my followers, they don’t make it easy to keep up with what my friends have been listening to."

Serendip first caught my eye when the founder wrote that a post by George Howard on Hypebot had been a big inspiration for the startup, and appears on our slide deck. Powered by music from YouTube, Serendip allows users to "listen" to the sound of their social network, turn friends into personal DJs, and discover more people who share their taste in music.


We've got an unlimited number of free beta invites to Serendip. Grab youts by following this special link to sign up. Stop back and tell is what you think in the comments below.  And be sure to check back often this week for more great music tech startups offering beta invites.