Interscope Records Office Used By Major Cocaine Operation, Feds Say

image from gossiponthis.com For almost two years, the offices of Interscope Records have been used as a drop off and pickup point for road cases alternately filled with kilos of cocaine and more than $1 million in cash, according to documents filed by federal prosecutors.

James Rosemond (aka "Jimmy Henchmen"), the manager of Interscope artist The Game, has been indicted on 18 felony charges based on 65 pages of records from RockIt Cargo and statements from former associates who admitted their roles on the operation. In an interview yesterday with Hot97's Angie Martinez in LA, rapper The Game spoke about Rosemond's arrest:

"Jimmy [Henchman] is my brother, that's ride or die..It's an unfortunate situation, but we gonna keep our heads up and hope for the best. You can't even see Osama's body so why we gonna believe something [the government] is saying about Jimmy.”

A Rosemond associate and key member of the cocaine ring , Khalil Abdullah, has already pleaded guilty to narcotics trafficking and obstruction of justice charges. Now cooperating with prosecutors,  Abdullah told investigators that he oversaw the shipment from LA to New York and back of “road cases” filled with cash and cocaine worth millions of dollars.

In late December, acting on a tip from Abdullah, DEA agents seized a road case containing nearly $800,000 from a New York City recording studio that was scheduled to be delivered to Los Angeles.

Documents released so far do not directly implicate any Interscope employees. Thus far, Interscope,  owner Universal Music Group and high profile Interscope head and "American Idol" judge Jimmy Iovine have not commented on the accusations.

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  1. Jimmy Iovine is too busy selling headphones these days.
    That label has turned into a caricature of its self.

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