Join In On Entrepreneur Brenden Mulligan’s Global Music Tech Startups Tour

image from www.google.com Brenden Mulligan is the creator of Onesheet, a easy way for bands to create a beautiful, maintenance free web presence. He previously founded ArtistData, which was acquired by Sonicbids in 2010. Find him on Twitter at @bmull.

I've been lucky enough to be a part of the music tech community for a long time. I've met with hundreds of startups building products to make artists' lives easiest and help them reach more fans. Most of these startups have been US based, but in the next 2 months I hope to meet with a bunch more outside of the US.

Starting next week, I'll be traveling for 2 months. I'm going to Japan, Thailand, India, Israel, Istanbul, and Cape Town (more exact itinerary is at http://startingup.me/im-going-around-the-world-and-want-to-meet-as) . Part of the purpose of the trip is to learn about the startup ecosystem in these different countries. And of course, meet startups.

So, I'm teaming up with Hypebot. If you are a music startup in one of these countries, please reach out on Twitter. I'd love to try to set up a time to chat and hear what you're working on. I'm going to be sending info about these companies back to the Hypebot crew as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Oh damn, I missed this Hypebot post the other day. Lucky thing I stumbled on it now.
    @bmull you just HAVE to come visit Finland as well. We have our very own extremely interesting music startup cluster.
    How interesting?
    FIVE out of 30 music startups selected for the final stage of Midem NetLab this year were from Finland. That was the biggest national presence second only to the US based startups with (if I remember correctly) a total of seven startups.
    And we are somewhat arranged as a community as well (Finnish Music Startups at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Finnish-Music-Startups/332257887562)

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