More FREE Beta Invites: ChatWithTheBand

image from www.chatwiththeband.com FREE BETA INVITE WEEK continues with startups sharing invites each day. Monday, Serendip kicked things off and they're keeping the link openwithr more invites available to their great Twitter music integration. Yesterday, Mobile Backstage For Facebook offered invites to  "Your Mobile Fan Club", and you can still sign up. Today, ChatWithTheBand adds to the bounty with beta invites that let bands run listening parties and do virtual meet & greets right from their Facebook pages. DETAILS:

It's kind of like BandPage meets turntable.fm meets chatroulette. Watch the demo video:

You're getting in real early on this one, so stop back and tell us what you think.

Get your free beta invite here.  Use the invite code: hypebotrocks

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