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MyMusicExec Answers “Do I Really Need a Manager?”

131412073648375 On Music Think Tank, Andrew Lewis gives advice to young or up-and-coming artists that are just starting out in their music career. Before choosing a manager, consider the 5 stages where it may be necessary to get a manager and answer these questions before making a decision.

Let’s review what the required schooling and licenses needed to become a personal manager are? – Sorry folks, there are none.”

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  1. Please read the Andrew Lewis bio on his site – riddled with typos and barely any tangible industry experience.
    C’mon, Hypebot.

  2. The first thing a potential manager (& promoter, label, etc) will do when considering an Artist is to check them out online; so a first class web presence is essential. is a professional solution for serious Artists who want to retain complete control of their web presence and global digital distribution – at an affordable price.
    Arkade provides Artist branded websites with the features that Labels, Managers & Promoters need to see when considering new Artists.

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