NARM Launches Digitalmusic.org

image from www.google.com NARM has launched Digitalmusic.org, a virtual home for the trade group's digital initiatives, formerly known as the Digital Think Tank. The blog on digitalmusic.org will feature updates from industry experts, starting with posts from Mark Isherwood, COO of DDEX on standards, Jim Griffin of OneHouse on the International Music Registry; Paul Jessop of County Analytics on ISRC; and lawyer John T. Mitchell on the nature of digital rights.

Six Work Groups  – Archival & Contextual Metadata, Digital Supply Chain, Metrics & Sales Analysis, Music & Gaming, Music Subscription and Product Development – are all represented with their mission statements, lists of participating companies, and progress reports, as well as information on how to apply to join.

We needed one dedicated place for NARM’s digitally-focused members and particularly those participating in the Work Groups to go to find the latest information on the organization’s activities and a platform to better interact with each other,” said Bill Wilson, NARM VP of Digital Strategy & Business Development.

NARM and digitalmusic.org members also have access to commissioned research reports, the NARM Distributor Database, and member discounts. NARM and digitalmusic.org have teamed with startups Superpowered and Rolodexy to provide low cost online networking, and are curating their own series of exclusive Digital Dinners.

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