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ThingLink Adds Ecommerce To Photo Tagging With Topspin, iTunes, SoundCloud & More

image from ThingLink, a company offering free embedded photo tagging with links to a variety of social media and music services, has added ecommerce links to their offering. Now you can add links to your Topspin store, iTunes downloads and third party options via SoundCloud to photos used across the web.

ThingLink's Rich Media Tagging service offers a way to turn your web photos into a platform for connecting to additional media. Previous integrations have made it easy to embed links to multiple services, including Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Spotify, Vimeo, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and Twitter, as you can see from our previous coverage that includes the image of a Simple Plan album cover.

Now they've added the ability to link to ecommerce services including iTunes, Topspin music stores and third party options available for those using SoundCloud.

As Neil Vineberg, ThingLink CMO, puts it in the official announcement:

"By providing an embeddable, direct route to purchase, ThingLink's e-commerce tags remove another barrier between artists and fans looking to buy their music…As a team we're keen to progress the conversation on how music retail is evolving, and teaming up with platforms of the calibre of iTunes, Topspin and SoundCloud can only help us to achieve that aim."

In addition to being able to directly connect fans to your ecommerce outlets with "buy now" links, ThingLink tagged images include an image embed option that opens up the possibility of people using your image on their blog or social networks and further extending the reach of such efforts.

ThingLink officially announced this new option on Monday at SF Music Tech.

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